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Evan Cancelliere

New in Rails 4.0: Rails Queue

At 3magine, we make use of both Ruby on Rails as well as PHP / MySQL for our social networking projects and web applications. Over the past few years, one of my largest annoyances as a Rails developer was sending … Continue reading

Krystian Frencel

Steam iPhone app redesign

We’re all avid gamers here at 3magine. When we’re not building beautiful interfaces or coding complex systems, we’re playing games. Diablo 3 and StarCraft 2 are staples here at the office, but the one game that I’ve forever fallen in … Continue reading

Karl Schellenberg

Camel Case Spaces

Web development is all about having fun, so let’s have some fun with camel case strings. function camelCaseSpaces($s){ return trim(preg_replace(“/[A-Z]/”,’ ${0}’,$s)); } Using this custom function you can now convert strings such as “iAmSuperCamelCaseString” to “i Am Super Camel Case … Continue reading

Karl Schellenberg

Mootools wrapInner

Today I worked on a project which was using jQuery and have encountered a nifty little function called wrapInnner. What it does is wraps the html contents of the element calling it with the element that is being passed to … Continue reading

Krystian Frencel

XML Sitemap Generator

We’ve been receiving quite a bit of traffic to our old sitemap generator, which was created a few years back and is a bit outdated. These days, a little Google search will reveal hundreds of different sitemap generators, of which … Continue reading

Karl Schellenberg

Simple Javascript Confirm Message using Mootools

As most of you know there are many ways to implement “confirm” messages for your websites, and we have come up with yet another. Confirm messages are important because without them important data could be deleted or changed by accident. … Continue reading

Karl Schellenberg

How to disable the submit button upon form submission

From time to time some of you may notice that you receive multiple requests from your form submissions. Be it an email or database record, the problem is not with your programming but with the actual form. Just see it … Continue reading