Social Network design and development

Our history in designing, developing, and running social networks will take your project from idea to success.

Planning & Research

Every successful project starts with successful planning. In the first stage of any social networking project, we’ll sit down with you to determine your ideal feature-set and plan out it’s execution. From brainstorming new features, or refining existing ones, we bring our experience to the table in determining exactly the scope of your social network. From wireframes, to detailed user-flow descriptions, we can make sure that the planning behind your project will be as solid as possible to ensure the strongest foundation for each and every social network we build.


An intuitive, easy-to-use, and attractive interface is tantamount for a social network. Users need to be familiar with a common set of UI design patterns, which we have garnered over years of experience. Our designs for social networks are beautiful and elegant– while remaining simple– a difficult feat to accomplish. We believe that design should speak for itself. By using a visual language for design, our social networks are immediately usable without explanation, walkthroughs, or tutorials.


By leveraging the latest technologies, and picking the right tools for your project, we ensure that the development of the website is as elegant as it’s design. From new front-end technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, to integration points such as Twitter, Linked-In, and (of course) Facebook, we’ll make sure that your project is not only up-to-date, but forward-thinking. By building upon a foundation of stable and mature development tools, we can provide long-term support and guarantee future development for your project, to make sure that it stays up to date. With over 10 years experience programming on the web, as well as specifically developing social networks, our team has the expertise to make sure your project’s development is the best possible.

A History of Success

Throughout the years, 3magine has worked on a multitude of social networking projects, ranging from large to small. Many of these projects have become successful, turning profits, or even selling (in one case- twice!). Aside from client work, we’ve also developed social networking projects of our own. By launching in-house projects, we know what it means to run these social networks ourselves, from day-to-day maintenance, community growth & support, to marketing (both online and off). We bring this experience forward with each and every new project today, assisting with not only the design and development of your project, but also every other aspect associated in running a successful social network.

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