With a new product launch approaching, Quixey needed to update their website to better communicate who they were, today.

Quixey approached us in August to open a conversation about a new marketing website on Quixey.com. Having worked on the previous version of Quixey.com, we relished the opportunity to identify weaknesses on the current site, and build towards new goals with a new site.

Launched to coincide with a major product release, we designed the new site to announce Deep View Cards™ to to the world. The main purpose of the new website (and where the old was failing) was to explain Deep View Cards™ to the visitor, while driving ad-tech inquiries to the sales team.

We achieved these goals by working hand-in-hand with Quixey’s marketing and communications team to drive clear copy and crisp visuals to convey what Quixey is today, instead of the startup it used to be. A primary focus of the redesign was to change the perception of Quixey from startup to an established and truly global business, with over 300 employees and multiple offices worldwide (in the US, India, China, and Israel).

To begin, we experimented with different and varying colours, positioning, and styles for the homepage. Behind the scenes, we were sketching, wireframing, and prototyping to try to figure out what worked on the homepage and what didn't. The design needed to get a go-ahead from the executive team on the visual language and what that language communicated about Quixey.

Early Versions of the Homepage

Iterations of the Quixey homepage design

After multiple rounds of design, we landed on the finished product.

The final design for Quixey in both desktop and mobile

While designing the homepage, the styleguide was being maintained in tandem, establish a strong new look and feel for the website. With this, we dove into major inside pages based on Quixey’s sitemap and copy. As we continued through the secondary and tertiary pages of the site, we worked with Quixey’s designers to create the finished product.

A complete styleguide developed for Quixey

While Deep View Cards™ (DVCs) can be a bit of an abstract concept, we set out to explain what DVCs are, and how they can be used. By featuring prominent Use Cases, we illustrated the power of of DVCs in multiple scenarios. We also hoped to spark the imagination of the visitor, lighting up a bulb in their head with the infinite possibilities that DVCs can achieve.

A mockup representation of Quixey's Deep View Cards™

Finally, we launched the website in tandem with a major PR blitz. The site featured integrations with Salesforce Pardot to tie in with their existing CRM system, and Jobvite to drive the Careers page.

Client Testimonial

“You all nailed it today for us. The site looks amazing and we've received great feedback. Really really appreciate all the hard work and creativity you put into this.”

Scott Samson, VP Communications

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